In this article we'll teach you how to setup your MDM within My-Serve, currently the only MDM we support is MaaS 360.

You will need to go into Settings > Integrations.

Once in there select IBM MaaS 360 from the drop down and click "Add".

It will then ask you for some information:

Once the information has been entered it will sync My-Serve with your MDM account.  This can take up to 24 hours, once this is completed you will then have access to all users who are currently enrolled in the MDM within our system. 

 You can access each user by going into the "User Details" area and searching by their Name, Number, IMEI etc.

Once in there a new area will pop-up, this area will allow you to perform quick action items like, lock device, wipe device, reset passcode, send messages to the device, change policy, view installed applications, get location history and more.

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