To order select Hardware Ordering > New Order

You will have 3 options:

Order New Device - This allows you to order a brand new device with a brand new number, only use this if you DO NOT have a phone number already.

Upgrade Existing Device - Select this option if you are upgrading your current mobile device.

Order Accessory - This is selected if you would like to order an accessory only. (May not be available depending on your companies settings).

Once you have selected your option if you've picked Order New Device or Order Accessory you will be presented with the store to select your device, if you selected Upgrade Existing Device you will be presented with the choice of which device you will be upgrading.

Once you find the device you'd like, click on "**Select Term**".

You will then be able to pick your "**Color"**.

Then select "**Checkout**"

Next area is the General Info.

Requested By - Put in who is requesting the device
Notify the following emails about order changes - This will notify whoever you'd like to about order status changes (management approval, shipping info etc).
Shipping Address - Choose the address you'd like it shipped to
Attention - This will be who the order will be Attention to.**
Notes to Dealer** - Any additional notes you'd like for the dealer.

Once this is completed you will then click on the "Pay" (only for customers that give employees the ability to pay via credit card) button at the bottom right hand corner, this will then prompt you to enter in your email address (this is where your receipt will be delivered to).  And your credit card details.
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