This feature will recommend to add on additional data packages based on current data usage, this will help mitigate data pool overage costs.  Please be advised this is only available currently for Bell & Telus.

With our Data Pool Recommendation report you will receive a notification at 75%, 90% and 100%.  The email will look like the following:

The email will break down how much of the pool is currently used, the current total pool and projected pool usage based on current data usage.  It will also project your total data overage and as well as overage costs.

Clicking on "Live Data Pooling" will bring you into the My-Serve portal.  Here our system will recommend a package(s) that should be added and the total.  Clicking on the recommendation will then bring you to the next screen to allow you to select the phone numbers you'd like to have the package provisioned one.

Here it will showcase the users who have used the most amount of data and which lines to add the packages to.  Upon clicking "Send Request" this will then send the request to the carrier and cc the admin who made the request in the email.
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